North County Christian School is committed to... 


helping students achieve academic excellence in all disciplines and to providing students with the instruction and guidance they need to realize their own potential.


Therefore, NCCS is fully accredited by the WESTERN ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES (WASC). The Visiting Team report found the school successfully preparing students for college entrance with high levels of achievement. The report is available for viewing in the school office for your review if you desire.


Accreditation is a process, not a stamp of approval. So what is really important is that NCCS is committed to on-going growth and improvement. The visiting committee seemed very positive about our school and confident that NCCS will continue to provide wonderful educational opportunities consistent with its GOALS FOR GRADUATES.



North County Christian School provides:

  1. PRESCHOOL (Age 2 1/2 - 5)


  3. ELEMENTARY (K-5th grade)


Preschool provides 1/2 day (8:00-noon), 3/4 day (7:00-3), and full day (7:00-5:30).

TK-5 starts at 8:15 (students can arrive as early as 7:30) and ends at 3:00 PM.

Teachers seek to challenge student which is born out in out national testing results that show students on average gain 1.1 years of growth for each year in NCCS. Those small changes add up to accelerated students who do well in high school and college.


Curriculum for most subjects uses Bob Jones Press texts - Christian based materials that support our biblical instruction throughout all subjects.



Schedule for All Secondary: 8:00 AM through 3:00 PM.

Small Classes Promote Caring & Guidance.  North County Christian Junior High School provides a safe and challenging atmosphere for grades six through eight. Students meet their homeroom teacher in seventh grade and continue with that homeroom teacher through graduation. As a result every student in the class has knowledgeable and personal guidance and encouragement at this crucial time of life - someone who cares and will be there. Our goal is for students to achieve their highest potential mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.


Challenging Academics. A strong focus is placed on academics with emphasis given to the core subjects of Bible, English, mathematics, history, and science. Opportunities to participate in drama, art, student council, and sports help in providing a well-rounded educational experience.


Motivational Athletics and Activities. Junior High students need to feel involved, challenged to excel, and given opportunities to explore positive areas of life - athletics, the arts, leadership, to name a few. NCCS provides some of those opportunities so students can develop skills and abilities that will serve them well in high school.



NCCS provides a COLLEGE PREPARATION program. 


A strong focus is placed on academics with emphasis given to the core subjects of Bible, english, mathematics, history, and science. Elective opportunities such as culinary arts, drama, art, computer science, photography, yearbook, and student council as well as the abil-ity to participate in interscholastic sports help in providing a well-rounded educational experience.


In addition, units can be earned from participation in athletics and other outside classes as approved by the administration.

As a result many students graduate with far in excess of the required 260.


North County Christian High School's excellent four year program can prepare our students for entrance into any university. Our graduates have been accepted into the finest universities in the country and out. Cambridge, UCLA, Harvard, Yale, Cal Poly SLO, Westmont, Masters and Biola to just name a few.


Career bound students are prepared to meet the daily challenges in the business world and their NCCS education gives them the background to ensure their success.


Most importantly, NCCS produces graduates with a firm foundation in Biblical truth and values that will make their lives truly honoring to God and their families.


North County Christian School offers the following courses and requires 260 units to be taken and passed in grades 9-12:


Bible: 40 units

  • Old & New Testament Surveys 

  • Biblical Theology 

  • Church History 

  • Systematic Theology 

  • Apologetics and Life Applications  

English: 45 units

  • English 9 

  • English 10 

  • English Language & American Literature  - AP optional

  • English Language & British Literautre  - AP optional

  • Speech & Communications (5 units)

Social Science : 35 units

  • Modern World History 

  • US History - AP optional

  • US Government & Politics  - AP optional

  • Economics (5 units)

Math: 30 units including completion of Algebra II

  • Algebra 1

  • Geometry 

  • Algebra II

  • Business Math

  • Pre-Calculus

  • AP Calculus/College Algebra

Science: 30 units for graduation

  • Biology

  • Physics 

  • Human Anatomy & Physiology 

  • Chemistry 


Foreign Language: 20 units for graduation,
30 units recommended for college

  • Spanish 1 - 4  

  • Optional: transfer of 20 or more units of another language

Fine Arts: 10 units any combination of the following, but the University of California requires 10 units in the same subject, ex. Art 1 and Art 2.

  • Art

  • Choir

  • Drama and Drama Production

Physical Education: 20 units

  • Boys or Girls Physical Education

  • Interscholastic Team Athletics (when team meets CIF approval)

Electives: 30 units

  • Examples: Art, Yearbook, Student Council,  Drama, Photography, Athletics.

Physical Address:

6225 Atascadero Mall

   Atascadero, CA 93422

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 6017
   Atascadero, CA 93423